Digi SM320B


The Digi SM-320B scale of the famous Japanese brand Teraoka Seiko is a modification of the Digi SM320P model without a vertical base and a screen on it. It is sturdy, has the ability to print a label.

Type Label printing scale
Print speed 105 mm/s
Print width 60 mm
Keyboard 56 keys
Memory: 8 Mb
Weight range 3kg/1g 6kg/2g 12kg/2g 15kg/5g 30kg/10g
3/6 kg: 1/2 g 6/15 kg: 2/5 g 15/30 kg: 5/10 g
Interface RS-232, Ethernet 10/100, PS/2, Wi-Fi (optional)
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Digi SM320B